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iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jun.3 2024-Jun.14 2024) 2024-06-17

Welcome to iQIYI’s bi-weekly news round-up! Here you’ll find the latest news and stories from the company, from entertainment, tech to business and from local to regional. If you are interested in learning more about iQIYI, please do not hesitate to reach out to More>>

iQIYI Celebrates Fourth Annual Golden Screenwriters' Night, Championing Young Talent and Creative Excellence 2024-06-07
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (May13. 2024-May.31 2024) 2024-05-31
iQIYI’s New VR Immersive Theater to Launch in Macao, Continuing Expansion of Location-Based Entertainment 2024-05-23
iQIYI 2024Q1 Earnings Highlights 2024-05-16
iQIYI Releases May Holiday Content Consumption Report, Showcasing Robust Viewer Engagement Across Genres 2024-05-09
iQIYI Launches Over 300 Titles at 2024 World Conference, Fueling Growth with Diverse Content and Robust IP Monetization 2024-04-25
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Apr.8 2024-Apr.19 2024) 2024-04-19
iQIYI Launches 'Art Films' Series, Celebrating Artistic Filmmaking and Global Masterpieces 2024-04-03
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Mar.18 2024-Mar.29 2024) 2024-03-29
iQIYI's ‘Action Master’ Season Unveils Diverse Charm of Martial Arts Films 2024-03-22
iQIYI’s To the Wonder Selected for CANNESERIES, Marking the First C-Drama in Long Form Competition 2024-03-12
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Feb.26 2024-Mar.8 2024) 2024-03-11
iQIYI Expands Offline VR Immersive Theater into the Historic City of Xi’an, Merging IP, Technology, and Cultural Tourism 2024-03-06
iQIYI 2023Q4 and FY2023 Earnings Highlights 2024-02-28
iQIYI Reports Booming Viewing Time Across Diverse Content, AI Search Usage Skyrockets by 470% 2024-02-19
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jan.22 2024-Feb.2 2024) 2024-02-02
iQIYI Brings Original Malaysian Drama Hit ‘Rampas Cintaku’ to Global Audiences, Amplifying the Reach of Premium Asian Content 2024-01-26
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jan.1 2024-Jan.19 2024) 2024-01-19
Suspense Drama 'The Lonely Warrior' Sets New Records, Raising the Bar for iQIYI ‘Light On Theater’ 2024-01-05
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec.11 2023-Dec.29 2023) 2023-12-29
iQIYI Gains Attention with Theatrical Releases and Socially Impactful Storytelling 2023-12-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov.20 2023-Dec.8 2023) 2023-12-12
iQIYI's Chief Content Officer at Asia TV Forum: Driving Premium Chinese Content to Global Prominence 2023-12-08
iQIYI Spotlights Exceptional Content at Scream Night 2023 Celebration in Macao 2023-11-28
iQIYI Joins Forces with Leading Film Distributors in Malaysia and Singapore to Release Chinese Films 2023-11-27
iQIYI 2023Q3 earnings at a glance 2023-11-21
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Oct.30 2023-Nov.17 2023) 2023-11-20
Two iQIYI-presented films triumphed at the 36th China Golden Rooster Awards 2023-11-07
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Oct.16 2023-Oct.27 2023) 2023-10-30
iQIYI Signed Strategic Partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand 2023-10-23
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Sep.25 2023-Oct.13 2023) 2023-10-13
iQIYI Debuts Karaoke Mode in “Big Band Season 3”, Providing Interactive and Immersive Viewing Experience 2023-09-27
iQIYI Unveils 282 New Titles at 2023 iJOY Conference, Prioritizing Relatable Content for Ordinary People 2023-09-21
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Sep.4 2023-Sep.15 2023) 2023-09-15
iQIYI Drama “My Journey To You” Debuts, Displaying Chinese Aesthetics 2023-09-05
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Aug.14, 2023-Sep.1, 2023) 2023-08-31
iQIYI North America Celebrates 3rd year Anniversary and Launches “The Rap of China” Global Audition 2023-08-29
iQIYI Leverages AIGC to Improve Content Production and Marketing Efficiency 2023-08-25
iQIYI's 2023Q2 earnings at a glance 2023-08-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jul.31, 2023-Aug.11, 2023) 2023-08-14
iQIYI Cloud Cinema Releases Gain Wide-spread Popularity with Strong Box office Performance 2023-08-04
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jul.17, 2023-Jul.28, 2023) 2023-07-28
iQIYI Launches First Parent-child Theme Park in Beijing, IP Monetization Strategy Bears New Fruit 2023-07-19
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jul.3 2023-Jul.18 2023) 2023-07-19
iQIYI Unveils Exciting Anime Line-up for Summer, Providing Youngsters with Diverse Content Across Genres 2023-07-14
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jun.12, 2023-Jun.30, 2023) 2023-06-30
iQIYI CEO Gong Yu On Integrated Development of Media Industry: Adhering to Tradition while Embracing Innovation 2023-06-30
iQIYI Wins Thirteen Awards at the 2023 Shanghai TV Festival 2023-06-27
iQIYI North America Held Third Annual Content Showcase and Unveils Upcoming Original Content Lineup 2023-06-23
iQIYI's Original IP-based VR Project Receives Strong Consumer Response in Shanghai Debut 2023-06-20
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (May.22, 2023-Jun.2, 2023) 2023-06-05
iQIYI Screened AI-restored “Woman Sesame Oil Maker” in Budapest, Leveraging Technical Innovation to Revive Classics 2023-06-01
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (May.1, 2023-May.19, 2023) 2023-05-22
iQIYI Reinforces Strategic Focus on High-quality Growth at 2023 iQIYI World Conference, Deepening Partnerships for Industry-wide Progress 2023-05-10
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Apr.17, 2023-Apr.28, 2023) 2023-04-28
iQIYI Hosts Online Screening of 13th Beijing International Film Festival as AI Technology Facilitates with Restoring Classic Content 2023-04-27
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Apr.04-Apr.14, 2023) 2023-04-14
iQIYI CEO GONG Yu: Original Content, Innovation, and Global Expansion Are Key Growth Drivers 2023-04-06
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Mar.20-Mar.31, 2023) 2023-03-31
iQIYI Original Drama Series to Be Remade Into Japanese Film, Promoting C-content Worldwide 2023-03-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Mar.06-Mar.17, 2023) 2023-03-17
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Feb.20, 2023-Mar.03, 2023) 2023-03-03
iQIYI Launches First All-Immersive Entertainment Experience The Luoyang VR Project in Shanghai 2023-02-18
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jan.28, 2023-Feb.17, 2023) 2023-02-17
iQIYI Reaches Framework Agreement with Baidu on AI-Generated Content 2023-02-15
iQIYI-presented Series The Knockout Achieves Record-breaking Popularity in China 2023-02-08
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec.31, 2022-Jan.20, 2023) 2023-01-20
iQIYI Original Drama “Why Try To Change Me Now” Selected for Berlinale Series 2023-01-17
Top iQIYI Highlights of 2022 2023-01-11
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec.19, 2022-Dec.30, 2022) 2022-12-30
“Super Sketch Show” Season 2 Shows iQIYI’s Commitment in Promoting Comedy Genre 2022-12-23
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec.05, 2022-Dec.16, 2022) 2022-12-16
iQIYI Launches World’s First Virtual Reality Game Show Memoon Player 2022-12-09
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov.21, 2022-Dec.02, 2022) 2022-12-02
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov.07, 2022-Nov.18, 2022) 2022-11-21
iQIYI Original Productions Scored Multiple Wins in Awards Season in China, Solid Proof of Company’s Premium Content Strategy 2022-11-11
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Oct.17, 2022-Nov.4, 2022) 2022-11-04
iQIYI Holds Second “iQIYI HACK DAY,” Demonstrating Commitment to Tech-empowered Entertainment 2022-10-27
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Sep.26, 2022 -Oct.14, 2022) 2022-10-17
iQIYI Releases National Day Holiday Content Consumption Report, Showing Strong Viewing Interest in Premium Content 2022-10-12
iQIYI Unveils Industry's First In-vehicle 5D Content Viewing Experience with XPeng 2022-09-30
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Sep.12, 2022-Sep.23, 2022) 2022-09-26
iQIYI Continues to Support Revenue Sharing Model with Revenue for Shining for One Thing Reaching RMB 100 Million 2022-09-19
iQIYI Releases 235 New Titles at 2022 iJOY Conference, Further Enriching Its Content Slate for Audience and Brands 2022-09-16
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Aug.22, 2022-Sep.9, 2022) 2022-09-09
iQIYI Further Upgrades Online Film Distribution Model to Increase Revenue for Film Producers, Driving Industry Growth 2022-09-06
iQIYI Introduces China’s First Extended Reality (XR) Virtual Production Series, Further Integrating Technology and Entertainment 2022-08-26
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Aug.8, 2022-Aug.19, 2022) 2022-08-22
iQIYI Hosts Online Screening of 12th Beijing International Film Festival, Furthering Support for Industry Development 2022-08-16
iQIYI North America Presents Second Annual Content Showcase to Highlight Original C-Content 2022-08-12
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jul.25, 2022-Aug.5, 2022) 2022-08-08
iQIYI Celebrates Chinese Valentine's Day with Rich Slate of Romantic Content and Exciting Entertainment Innovations 2022-08-04
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jul.11, 2022-Jul.22, 2022) 2022-07-22
iQIYI and Poly Culture Reach Strategic Partnership to Drive Growth with Online and Offline Integration 2022-07-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jun.27, 2022-Jul.8, 2022) 2022-07-09
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jun.13, 2022-Jun.24, 2022) 2022-06-24
iQIYI Continues to Deliver Immersive Viewing Experience with Drama “The Lord of Losers” Hits High Participation Rate 2022-07-05
iQIYI Releases New Titles for the Summer, Showing Its Continued Strength in Developing Premium Original Content 2022-06-27
iQIYI’s VR-Based Ecosystem Offers New Career Opportunities for Young Artists 2022-06-15
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (May. 30, 2022-June. 10, 2022) 2022-06-10
iQIYI Showcases Technology-Enabled Green Production Techniques on World Environment Day 2022-06-06
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (May. 16, 2022-May. 27, 2022) 2022-05-31
iQIYI Releases 213 New Titles, Providing Users with Inspirational Content 2022-05-20
iQIYI’s IP Universe Further Showcases China’s Cultural Heritage to Global Audience with the Worldwide Premiere of Wind Blows from Longxi 2022-05-19
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Apr.25-May. 13) 2022-05-16
iQIYI’s Asian Heritage Month Special Collection Launches in U.S. and Canada for the Second Year 2022-04-29
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Apr.11, 2022-Apr.22, 2022) 2022-04-25
iQIYI Launches More Digital Collectibles, Further Expanding Avenues for IP Monetization 2022-04-25
iQIYI Unveils New Logo in Celebration of 12th Anniversary, Deepening Commitment to Technology and Innovation 2022-04-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Mar.18, 2022-Apr.8, 2022) 2022-04-11
iQIYI Upgrades Collaboration Model for Online Film Distribution 2022-04-01
iQIYI Launches on Roku Streaming Players and Roku TV Models, Bringing Variety of Entertainment from across Asia to Fans in Canada and U.S. 2022-03-29
iQIYI Introduces Original Chinese Content to Spanish-Speaking Regions, Further Promoting Asian Content Worldwide 2022-03-22
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Mar.7, 2022-Mar.18, 2022) 2022-03-18
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Feb. 21, 2022-Mar. 4, 2022) 2022-03-07
iQIYI’s DRM-S Completes Cartesian’s Farncombe Security Audit® 2022-03-04
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jan. 31,2022-Feb. 18,2022) 2022-02-18
A New Way of Being Together: iQIYI Reports Spring Festival 2022 Viewing Trends 2022-02-16
Love at First Stream: iQIYI Celebrates Valentine's Day with New Content and Streaming Preference Survey 2022-02-14
iQIYI Produces Test Films via Virtual Production, Leveraging Digital Assets in Content Strategy 2022-01-27
iQIYI Curates a Special List of Content for CNY 2022-01-26
iQIYI and WildBrain Greenlight “Jonny Jetboy”, Powering Up Original New Kids’ Action Brand from Keith Chapman 2022-01-25
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Jan. 10-Jan. 24) 2022-01-24
iQIYI Issues First Digital Collectibles Based on Original Series Luoyang 2022-01-24
Top Ten iQIYI Highlights from 2021 2022-01-20
iQIYI’s Super Sketch Show Helps Enable Development of China’s Original Comedy Industry 2022-01-12
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec. 27, 2021 - Jan. 7, 2022) 2022-01-07
iQIYI Original Film Let Life Be Beautiful Won Best Children's Film at Golden Rooster Awards 2021-12-31
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Dec. 13-Dec. 24) 2021-12-24
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov. 29-Dec. 10) 2021-12-10
iQIYI Debuts Original Series Luoyang Globally, As Part of Its IP Universe 2021-11-29
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov. 15-Nov. 26) 2021-11-26
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Nov. 01-Nov. 12) 2021-11-12
iQIYI CEO GONG Yu at China international Import Expo (CIIE): Building an Efficient IP Protection Mechanism via Cooperation and Technology 2021-11-08
iQIYI Bi-weekly Newsletter (Oct. 18-Oct. 29) 2021-10-29
iQIYI releases 260 new titles at 2021 iJOY Conference, integrating content with technology 2021-10-19
iQIYI Announces New ‘Light On’ Series and Big Win at BIFF Asia Contents Awards including ‘Best OTT Original’ 2021-10-13
iQIYI Partners with CRGT to Officially Launch Seamless Streaming Service Qisubo on China’s High-speed Rail 2021-10-12
iQIYI CEO Gong Yu shares insights on the future of Chinese film industry at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival 2021-10-11
iQIYI Sports Teams Up with Barça and Launches the “iBarça Membership” 2021-09-14
iQIYI romantic drama ‘One and Only’ tops popularity rankings and generates buzz on social media 2021-09-09
iQIYI deepens industrial innovation of film and TV by launching innovative online video review plug-in and improves multinational collaboration 2021-09-07
iQIYI launches new all-in-one VR headset QIYU 3, further expanding its premium VR gaming ecosystem 2021-09-01
iQIYI's The Ideal City Becomes Instant Hit in First Week on Air 2021-08-24
iQIYI Original Interactive VR Film "The Final Wish" Shortlisted for Award at 78th Venice International Film Festival 2021-08-09
iQIYI Releases New Generation Hip-Hop Project to Empower the Next Generation of Rappers 2021-08-07
iQIYI Adds New Layer of Interactivity to Videos, Delivering Immersive, Multi-sensory Experiences 2021-07-30
iQIYI Sports and Premier League Reach Exclusive Broadcasting Rights Cooperation for Four Years 2021-07-27
iQIYI Deepens International Partnership with Dolby 2021-07-27
iQIYI partners with Tsinghua University to further enhance video streaming quality with adaptive bitrate algorithms 2021-07-23
iQIYI Premieres Feng Xiaogang-directed Series 'Crossroad Bistro'Acclaimed director's first online series hits iQIYI 2021-07-16
iQIYI's Proprietary DRM Technology Achieves China Patent Excellence Award, Delivering Strong Copyright Protection for Content Creators 2021-07-13
iQIYI Launches "Watch Party" Feature Enabling Users to Stream Content Together Online 2021-07-08
iQIYI Launches New Interactive Features to Enhance Viewing Experience 2021-07-02
iQIYI Hosts M2VOC Challenge with 6 Papers Included in ICASSP2021 2021-06-19
iQIYI Launches its SWEET ON Theater Romantic Drama Collection 2021-05-24
iQIYI Holds 2021 iQIYI World Conference, Promoting the Industrialization of Film and TV through Intelligent Production and Creation of a Healthy Industry Ecosystem 2021-05-14
iQIYI Exclusive Drama A Love for Dilemma Becomes Massive Hit, Content Popularity Index Reaching 9000 2021-04-29
iQIYI Named Digital Media Innovator of the Year, Winning Four Prizes at 2021 Digital Media Innovation Awards 2021-04-22
iQIYI's Reality Show Youth With You Season 3 Becomes Global Hit, Topping Twitter Trending Lists in Multiple Countries 2021-04-08
iQIYI Co-Produced Chinese Version of HACHIKO to Premiere This New Year's Eve 2021-04-01
iQIYI Ushers in Next-Generation of Entertainment with Chinese Girl Group THE9's Debut Extended Reality (XR) Concert 2021-03-28
Comedy Movie Fake Bodyguard to Premiere on iQIYI's Ultimate Online Cinema on March 26 2021-03-24
iQIYI's DreamVerse Studio Releases Two Full-Sensory Interactive 4D VR Movies 2021-03-19
iQIYI and G.H.Y Culture & Media Sign MOU for Joint Venture To Form Southeast Asia's Largest Talent Agency 2021-03-17
iQIYI and Clover Films Announce Collaboration for Four Upcoming Film Productions 2021-03-15
iQIYI Ushers in Next-Generation of Entertainment with Launch of China's First Extended Reality (XR) Cloud Show 2021-03-09
iQIYI Launches "Super Fans" to Explore New Monetization Model for Creators on Video-sharing Community Suike 2021-03-04
iQIYI Exclusive Drama My Heroic Husband Becomes China's First Mega-hit Show of 2021 2021-02-24
iQIYI Pioneers Use of Interoperable Master Format in China with Exclusive Launch of 4K Drama Series "To Be With You" 2021-02-20
iQIYI Rolls out Global Release of Highly Anticipated Original Variety Show Youth With You 3 2021-02-19
iQIYI Launches IMAX Enhanced, Bringing Home Entertainment to a New Level 2021-02-10
iQIYI's Ultimate Online Cinema Section to Premiere its Second CNY Film Dreams of Getting Rich Through PVOD Mode 2021-02-08
iQIYI's Ultimate Online Cinema Section to Premiere "Shaolin Master" Through PVOD Mode, on First Day of Chinese New 2021-02-03
“Vacation of Love”Producers Deliver Gift Packages Around the World in Celebration of Lunar New Year in China 2021-01-28
iQIYI Breaks the Barriers in Viewer Interaction at the World’s First Multi-Screen Interactive Live-streaming Gala 2021-01-15
iQIYI Original Film Adaptation of Jin Yong masterpiece “Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain” Starts Filming 2021-01-13
iQIYI Launches China’s First CV Head-Hand 6DoF VR Headset and Global Developer Recruitment Program 2021-01-13
Venice International Film Festival Award-winning VR Film “Killing a Superstar” on Steam, Bringing Interactive VR Content to International Markets 2021-01-11
iQIYI's VR Startup Completes Series B Funding Round to Drive Innovation and Expand Content Ecosystem 2021-01-05
iQIYI Becomes One of the First Chinese Streaming Platforms to Receive ISO/IEC 27701 Global Data Privacy Certification 2020-12-31
iQIYI's QAV1 Encoder Achieves Top Rankings at Global Video Codecs Comparison Event 2020-12-22
iQIYI's 'Mist Theater' Goes Global, to Be Aired in South Korea, Australia and Vietnam 2020-12-19
iQIYI Holds World's First Low-Resource Voice Cloning Challenge to Accelerate Development of AI Voice Technology 2020-12-15
iQIYI and Top Artist Daniel Arsham Unveil First-Ever Collaboration on Artwork for FOURTRY 2020-12-14
iQIYI Further Taps Youth Pop-culture Market With Release of New Season of 'FOURTRY' 2020-12-11
iQIYI Showcases Strong Year at Scream Night 2021 Gala Event 2020-12-10
iQIYI's Live Action Adaptation of 'Hikaru no Go' a Big Hit with Chinese and International Audiences 2020-12-02
iQIYI's RiCH BOOM Makes Global Debut as the First Chinese Virtual Idol to Appear on MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2020-11-30
iQIYI Releases 'Tough Out' Under a New Distribution Model with Elemeet 2020-11-25
iQIYI Research Paper on Smart Animation Colorization Accepted by Prestigious Technology Conference 2020-11-21
iQIYI Exclusive Film "Spring Tide" Distributed via PVOD Nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Director at the Golden Rooster Awards 2020-11-14
iQIYI Premieres "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run" via PVOD in its Ultimate Online Cinema Section 2020-11-09
iQIYI Unveils Short Video Strategy at Suike Carnival Held in Shanghai 2020-11-08
iQIYI's "The Bad Kids" Wins "Best Creative" Award at Busan's Asia Contents Awards 2020-10-25
iQIYI Unveils Ambitious Content Plan at 2020 iJOY Conference with More Than 200 Upcoming Releases 2020-10-23
iQIYI iCartoonFace Paper For Cartoon Character Recognition Accepted by Prestigious Multimedia Conference 2020-10-16
iQIYI's Hit Mist Theater 2020 Wraps Up, Watched by Over 68 Million Subscribers 2020-10-14
iQIYI's Hit Suspense Drama "The Bad Kids" to Premiere in Japan in 2021 2020-10-11
iQIYI's First Original Film "Let Life Be Beautiful" Released on October 5 2020-10-06
iQIYI Releases 'The Long Night', the Fifth Suspense Drama of its Highly-Acclaimed 'Mist Theater' Content Library 2020-09-22
iQIYI Announces Partnership with WWE® , Delivering Entertainment Experience to Chinese Audiences 2020-09-21
iQIYI Expands Highly-Acclaimed Mist Theater with Launch of "Sisyphus" 2020-09-18
iQIYI Sports Announces Partnership with FC Barcelona to Launch FC Barcelona Official Channel on Platform 2020-09-15
iQIYI Original Interactive VR Film "Killing a Superstar" Becomes China Mainland's First VR Production to Win Award at Venice Film Festival 2020-09-14
iQIYI to Launch 'Dimension Nova', China's First Virtual Idol Variety Show 2020-09-10
iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng Speaks at Hong Kong FILMART: Technology Empowers Upgrade of iQIYI's Content Innovation and User Experience 2020-08-31
iQIYI to Host Online Screenings for Beijing International Film Festival On the Cloud 2020-08-24
iQIYI's Hit Rap Music Reality Show Series returns with "The Rap of China 2020" 2020-08-21
iQIYI Celebrates Milestone in Overseas Expansion as Premium Content Released in Offshore Markets Surpasses 3,000 Episodes 2020-08-17
iQIYI's Original Series "The Thunder" Wins Magnolia Awards at 2020 Shanghai TV Festival 2020-08-12
iQIYI Receives Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Certification, Ensuring Secure Payments for Global Users 2020-08-03
iQIYI Original Interactive VR Film "Killing a Superstar" Shortlisted for Award at 77th Venice International Film Festival 2020-07-31
iQIYI Reveals Global Expansion Strategy at APOS 2020 Virtual Summit 2020-07-29
Blockbuster "Double World" Becomes Instant Hit on iQIYI, Demonstrating Promising Potential of PVOD Mode 2020-07-27
iQIYI's Ultimate Online Cinema Section to Premiere "Double World" 2020-07-24
Blockbuster "Double World" to Premiere on iQIYI on July 24 2020-07-22
iQIYI Appoints Three Country Managers in Southeast Asia to Lead Company's Growth in Region 2020-07-20
From "Story of Yanxi Palace" to "The Bad Kids", iQIYI's Hit Dramas Lead Progression of Chinese Drama Productions 2020-07-17
iQIYI to Release Action-Adventure Fantasy Film "Double World" on July 24 2020-07-15
iQIYI Rebrands Video Sharing App Suike 2020-07-14
iQIYI Announces Major Upcoming Drama and Variety Show Releases at iJOY Conference 2020-07-11
iQIYI CMO Vivian Wang Named as One of Asia-Pacific's 50 Most Influential Marketers 2020-07-09
iQIYI's President of Membership and Oversea Business Group Yang Xianghua Speaks at AVIA's OTT Virtual Summit 2020-07-07
iQIYI Original Animation Series DEER SQUAD to Air on Nickelodeon 2020-06-30
iQIYI Announces Winners of its iCartoonFace Challenge, the First Large-scale Cartoon Character Recognition Competition in China 2020-06-25
iQIYI to Launch Chinese Livestream Page Dedicated to Cannes Lion's International Digital Creativity Event "Lions Live" 2020-06-22
iQIYI Debuts Suspense Drama List for 'Mist Theater' 2020-06-18
Singapore Diplomat Turned Global Tech Executive: iQIYI Appoints Kuek Yu-Chuang as Vice President in Overseas Market Push 2020-06-10
Winners of iQIYI Hit Variety Show "Youth With You Season 2" Make Their Debut as Girl Group 2020-05-31
iQIYI Wins Two Prestigious Digital Media Innovation Awards 2020-05-26
iQIYI Launches S-diamond Membership Package 2020-05-23
iQIYI Partners with MediaTek to Provide AV1-powered Ultra HD Streaming Experience in 5G Era 2020-05-22
iQIYI Launches "Mist Theater", New Content Library Dedicated to Suspense Dramas 2020-05-20
iQIYI Offers "Early-access Transactional On-demand" Mode for Two More Acclaimed Films 2020-05-19
iQIYI Launches Virtual Tour of Mt. Everest via QIYU All-in-one VR Headset 2020-05-14
iQIYI to host Spring Online Screenings for Beijing International Film Festival 2020-04-30
iQIYI Becomes the First Chinese Video Streaming Site to Support AV1 Video Codec 2020-04-30
iQIYI Tops Sensor Tower's Latest Online Video App Ranking in China 2020-04-29
iQIYI Launches New Interactive Features for Hit Show "Youth With You Season 2" for Overseas Users 2020-04-23
iQIYI Launches iCartoonFace Challenge Together with IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 2020-04-15
iQIYI's Original Drama Series "Winter Begonia" Taps into Technology and Platform Ecosystem to Promote Peking Opera 2020-04-13
iQIYI Takes the Lead in the Industry to Introduce Multi-Perspective Watching Mode for Its Hit Variety Show "Youth With You 2" 2020-04-07
iQIYI Launches Chinese Animated Blockbuster "Nezha" Exclusively Across Nine Southeast Asian 2020-04-05
iQIYI Launches Long and Short-form Video Sharing Platform "Suike", Representing Strong Addition to iQIYI's Entertainment Offering 2020-04-02
iQIYI Launches Service Experience Testing Stations in International Markets, With First Testing Station Operating in Singapore 2020-03-25
iQIYI Launches Qiyu 2Pro VR Somatosensory Game Console An ultra-HD 3D gaming experience with inside-out 6DoF game technology 2020-03-23
iQIYI Original Hit Variety Show "Youth With You 2" Tops iQIYI Platform's Global Trending List After Debut 2020-03-18
iQIYI, Together with Peking University and Microsoft Research, Unveils Innovative 360-Degree VR Panoramic Video Solution Accepted by IEEE TMC 2020-03-16
iQIYI Rolls out Global Release of Highly Anticipated Original Variety Show "Youth with You 2" 2020-03-12
iQIYI Cooperates with China Telecom on MEC Standardized Service and Promotes 5G Industrial Standards Making 2020-03-09
iQIYI Maximizes IP Value of Original Reality Show "FOURTRY" by Optimizing Online and Offline IP Value Chain and Creating Diversified Consumption Experience 2020-02-23
iPARTMENT Season 5 Viewed by Over 74 Million iQIYI Subscribing Members 2020-02-21
iQIYI Original Drama Series "The Great Ruler" Release Met with Acclaim in Overseas and Domestic Markets, Adding to Success of Comic and Animation Adaptations Under the Same Franchise 2020-02-16
iQIYI Contributes to Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Outbreak by Leveraging its Unique Strengths in Content, Membership and Partnerships 2020-02-10
iQIYI Announces Online Release of Enter the Fat Dragon for February 1 through its Early-access Transactional On-demand Mode 2020-02-01
iPARTMENT Season 5 Attracts More Than 38 Million Subscribing Members Within One Week of Exclusive Release on iQIYI 2020-01-22
iQIYI Partners with MBT and Panabit to Bring HD 4K Blu-ray Streaming Services "Qisubo" to Myanmar 2020-01-22
iQIYI Partners with 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020-01-10
iQIYI Announces Theatrical Release of its First Original Animation Film Spycies Across Overseas Markets 2020-01-03
iQIYI Appoints Kelvin Yau as Vice President of International Business Department and General Manager of iQIYI Thailand 2020-01-02
Cai Xukun and Jony J to Join iQIYI's Original Variety Show Youth with You Season 2 2019-12-27
iQIYI Announces its 2020 Strategy of the iQIYI Knowledge App, Focusing on Educational Videos and IP-based Content 2019-12-27
iQIYI Receives Dual Certifications of ISO 27001 and ISO 29151 to Guard Global Users' Information Security and Privacy 2019-12-26
iQIYI Joint Production "Damp Season" Shortlisted at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019-12-17
iQIYI App (Android) Receives Accreditation by Riscure Evaluation, Making iQIYI the First for Online Video Platforms Globally 2019-12-13
iQIYI SVP William Chan Speaks at ATF Embracing Global Video Streaming Changes by Creating Content That Reflects This Day and Age 2019-12-11
UNINE from iQIYI Original Variety Show Qing Chun You Ni Invited to the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019-12-10
iQIYI Scream Night 2020 Sparks the Year's Entertainment Highlights 2019-12-07
iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at ATF Asian Culture Will Become a Global Phenomenon with the Help of the Internet and Technological Innovation 2019-12-04
iQIYI Chief Technology Officer Liu Wenfeng at the APOStech 2019 Conference 5G and AI Empower a New Entertainment Ecosystem 2019-11-21
Wang Xuepu, Vice President of iQIYI Attends the 2019 CNBC East Tech West The Convergence of 5G and Al Creates New Opportunities for the Video Streaming Industry 2019-11-20
iQIYI's Self-Developed Watermarking System Passes ChinaDRM Lab's Evaluation Test, Marked as Another Breakthrough in Copyright Protection 2019-11-18
iQIYI Intelligence Completes Series A Financing to Accelerate the Forging of VRAR Ecosystem 2019-11-14
iQIYI Original Productions The Thunder, The Golden Eyes and The Rap of China Win Multiple Awards at the 2019 Chinese American Film Festival and Chinese American TV Festival 2019-11-12
iQIYI Jointly Sponsors Hatsune Miku 2019 China Concert Tour to Tap into the Commercial Value of Two-dimensional Culture Industry 2019-11-7
iQIYI Announces Strategic Partnership with Malaysia's Leading Media Brand Astro, Expanding Entertainment Services for Overseas Markets 2019-11-5
iQIYI Releases New Dataset that Enhances Facial Recognition Technology, Research Paper on the Subject Accepted by ICCV 2019-10-31
iQIYI Releases Season 2 of Original Animation Series "Beyond the Ocean", Boosting Production Capabilities by Engaging Gaming and Film Production Teams 2019-10-29
iQIYI Launches "AI Seniors Mode" on QIYIGUO TV, Further Improving Care for Elderly Users 2019-10-25
Blackpink Member Lisa Appointed as New Mentor for iQIYI's Original Variety Show "Qing Chun You Ni 2" 2019-10-24
iQIYI Strengthens Influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through New Reality Show "FOURTRY" 2019-10-23
iQIYI and KFC Collaborate for "VIP Products Day" to Expand Membership Offerings 2019-10-23
NINEPERCENT Holds Farewell Concert, iQIYI Upgrades in Innovative Membership Benefits for Idol-incubation IP Met with Great Acclaim 2019-10-22
App Annie Releases Worldwide App Index for Q3 2019: Global Consumer Spending for Apps Exceeds $23 Billion with iQIYI Ranking in 3rd 2019-10-18
2019 iQIYI iJOY Conference: Promoting Brand Growth through Content and Value-Driven Marketing 2019-10-18
iQIYI Launches Industry's First "Bullet Subtitle" Reply Feature, Bullet Subtitle Volume Increases by 99.8% YoY in This Summer 2019-9-27
iQIYI Announces the Start of Production for "The Journey of Flower 2" 2019-9-27
iQIYI's RMB 3 Billion Intellectual Property Supply Chain Finance Asset-backed Security Plan Gets Approved by SSE 2019-9-17
iQIYI and ABP Lead Development of Industry-wide "Specifications of Internet Interactive Video Data Format" to Promote Growth of China's Interactive Video Industry 2019-9-11
iQIYI VP Xie Danming Attends 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference's AITalk: The Age of AI Makes Art More Creative 2019-9-2
iQIYI Original Drama Series "The Golden Eyes" Wins Prestigious "Golden Bird Prize" at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2019-8-29
iQIYI Launches "Branching Plot" Interactive Function on Its Original Variety Show "The Rap of China 2019" 2019-8-26
Fast Company Names Jiang Bin, VP at iQIYI, as One of China's 100 Most Creative People in Business 2019 2019-8-16
iQIYI Sports Strengthens Sports Offerings Through Exclusive Broadcasting Rights to LaLiga 201920 2019-8-15
App Annie Releases Global App Revenue Ranking of July 2019 Five Streaming Apps Listed within Top 10, iQIYI Tops China Ranking 2019-8-14
iQIYI Launches China's First Interactive Commercial in The Rap of China 2019 to Further Reinforce Its Commercial Monetization Model 2019-8-9
Technological Innovation and Content Resources Drive Success of iQIYI's First Chinese Virtual Idol Band RiCH BOOM 2019-8-5
iQIYI's Joint Production "Balloon" Shortlisted for the 76th Venice Film Festival 2019-8-2
iQIYI Launches Interactive Video Platform Plug-in in Premiere Pro, An Easier and More Accessible Way of Making Interactive Videos 2019-7-23
iQIYI Delivers Integrated Online and Offline Entertainment Experience Through the 2019 iQIYI VIP Fan Carnival 2019-7-18
iQIYI Enters Fortune China 500 List, Becoming Fastest Growing Internet Company in Ranking 2019-7-11
iQIYI Prompts Revival of Chinese Indie Music Through Hit Original Variety Show The Big Band 2019-7-5
iQIYI and ACM MM's 2019 Celebrity Video Identification Challenge Wraps Up Successfully 2019-7-1
iQIYI AI+VR Innovation Wins "Content and Media Innovation Pioneer Award" at 2019 MWC 2019-6-27
iQIYI Establishes Strategic Partnership with China Unicom to Build Joint R&D center for 5G Terminal Devices 2019-6-26
iQIYI Launches the First Domestic Interactive Film and Television Work "His Smile", Providing Brand New User Experience to the Chinese Audience 2019-6-21
iQIYI Broadcasts "The Rap of China 2019", Prompting the Return of the Chinese Rap Culture Trend This Summer 2019-6-19
iQIYI Restored Heritage Film "The Adventures of Sanmao the Waif" Selected for Screening at Shanghai International Film Festival 2019-6-18
IQIYI and Astro Set iQIYI Content Channel in Malaysia, Bringing in New Model of Content Distribution 2019-6-17
iQIYI Makes 2019 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies List 2019-6-12
iQIYI Knowledge App Exclusively Launches Parenting Curriculum by Nick Vujicic 2019-6-7
iQIYI Animated Film "Spycies" Makes Finalist for Golden Goblet Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2019-6-4
Chinese Heritage Film "Diary of a Nurse" Restored by iQIYI and NIP Selected for Screening at Cannes Film Festival 2019-5-15
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Mo Yan Speaks at 2019 iQIYI World Conference: Creativity and Technological Development Key to Future of Entertainment 2019-5-10
iQIYI Releases Knowledge App, Deepening Efforts in Paid Content Market 2019-5-10
iQIYI Launches New Talent Agent Plan at 2019 iQIYI World Conference 2019-5-10
iQIYI Original Crime Drama "The Thunder" Secures Overseas Distribution by RED BY HBO 2019-5-9
iQIYI Launches World's First Professional Interactive Video Guideline and Video Platform to Standardize Interactive Content Creation 2019-5-9
2019 iQIYI World Conference Presents Blueprint of Innovation-driven Win-win Entertainment Ecosystem 2019-5-9
BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2019 Unveiled, iQIYI Named Fastest Growing Chinese Brand of 2019 2019-5-6
iQIYI President of Membership and Overseas Business Group at APOS Summit: Chinese Users are Willing to Pay for High-quality Online Content 2019-4-28
QIYI Original Show "The Rap of China" Kicks off 2019 International Contestant Search Tour in Los Angeles 2019-4-26
iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at Beijing International Film Festival: Traditional Movie Industry Requires More Diversified Internet-based Monetization Models 2019-4-24
iQIYI Named World's Fastest-Growing Brand and Fastest-Growing Chinese Brand of 2019 by Brand Finance 2019-4-19
iQIYI Announces Strong Performance of Foreign and Sino-foreign Films Released Through Revenue Sharing Model 2019-4-18
iQIYI President of PCG & CCO Wang Xiaohui Speaks at Harvard College China Forum 2019: Technological Innovation is Key to Helping Chinese Entertainment Build International Presence 2019-4-17
iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng Speaks at China Institute 2019 Executive Summit: Instead of Replacing Human Creativity and Talent, AI Helps Unleash It China Institute 2019 Executive Summit in New York Focuses on Trends in Technology and AI Application 2019-4-16
iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at Committee of 100: Technological Innovation Accelerates the Going Global of China's Entertainment Industry 2019-4-8
iQIYI Premieres Exclusive Costume Drama "The Legend of White Snake" with International Distributions Scheduled for North America and Southeast Asia 2019-4-4
iQIYI Provides In-Vehicle Entertainment Solution for Ford's New SYNC+ Infotainment System, Powered by Baidu 2019-4-3
iQIYI Lowers Rebuffering Ratio by 13% with AI Technology, Research Paper on the Subject Accepted by IEEE ICME 2019 2019-3-25
iQIYI and China Unicom Beijing Collaborates on Commercialization of 5G Technology 2019-3-19
iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at FILMART: Innovation is Embedded in All Aspects of iQIYI's Ecosystem 2019-3-18
iQIYI Successfully Launches Game Adaptation of DreamWorks Animated Film 2019-3-18
iQIYI and ACM MM Launch 2019 Celebrity Video Identification Challenge 2019-3-8
iQIYI's "The Golden Eyes" Picked Up by International Networks Prior to Online Debut 2019-2-26
iQIYI Original Crime Drama "Burning Ice" Broadcast in Japan 2019-2-20
iQIYI Gains Exclusive Broadcast Rights in China for George Clooney's "Catch-22" 2019-2-19
iQIYI Brings HD 4K Blu-ray Streaming Services to Hotels Across Thailand 2019-2-3
iQIYI Announces Theatrical Release of "The Knight of Shadows" Starring Jackie Chan 2019-1-31
iQIYI and Ctrip Expand Strategic Cooperation in Shared Membership 2019-1-24
New Joint Venture Brings iQIYI Content to Screens on the Shanghai Metro System 2019-1-15
iQIYI Unveils "Vertical Video Zone" for Dedicated Mobile Portrait Mode Viewing Experience 2019-1-3
iQIYI Variety Show "I, Actor" to Cultivate New Generation of Actors 2018-12-28
iQIYI Grants Format Rights to U2K for English Language Remake of "Hot-Blood Dance Crew" 2018-12-19
iQIYI Original Content Picks up Multiple Honors at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018-12-12
iQIYI Signs Wide Ranging Partnership in Mobile Data with China Mobile and Membership with China Mobile's MIGU 2018-12-10
iQIYI Unveils World's First Virtual AI Sign Language Interpreter, Allowing the Hearing Impaired to Enjoy iQIYI Video Content 2018-12-2
iQIYI Cross-Industry Initiative Brings Immersive VR Experience to Hotel Guests 2018-11-30
iQIYI Partners with Japan's DeNA Group to Adapt Online Light Novel IP into Comic Form 2018-11-23
iQIYI Partners with Google to Incorporate Google Widevine DRM into Multi-Digital Rights Management System 2018-11-21
iQIYI Announces Winners of "Celebrity Video Identification Challenge" 2018-11-19
iQIYI and CBS Studios International Announce Licensing Agreement for "The Late Late Show with James Corden" 2018-11-14
iQIYI and THX® Launch China's First THX Certified On-Demand Movie Theater 2018-11-12
QIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Selected for Variety500 List of Most Influential Business Leaders in Global Entertainment Industry 2018-11-06
iQIYI's Original Dramas and Movies Pick Up Multiple Honors at the Chinese American Film Festival, TV Festival 2018-11-05
iQIYI Releases Vertical Video Drama Series "Ugh! Life!" 2018-11-05
iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng Gives Keynote Speech at China-US Culture Investment Forum in New York 2018-10-29
iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng: AI is the Key to Maximizing IP Value 2018-10-25
iQIYI Unveils New Shows for 2019 and New Content Strategy 2018-10-19
iQIYI CEO Gong Yu Delivers Keynote Speech at Mipcom 2018-10-16
iQIYI Signs MOU with Viacom International Media Networks on In-depth Collaboration for Second Season of Children’s Animation Series Deer Run 2018-10-16
iQIYI Joins Forces with Baidu and BGCTV to Launch Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box 2018-09-28
iQIYI Original Film "The Blizzard" to Hit Screens in Canada 2018-09-13
iQIYI Founder and CEO Dr. Gong Yu Named "Businessman of the Year" by GQ China 2018-09-05
iQIYI Sports Completes RMB 850 Million Series A Financing 2018-09-05
iQIYI Launches New System for Analyzing Video Popularity, Emphasizing Focus on Highest Quality Content 2018-09-04
iQIYI's Summer Smash Hit Drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" Comes to a Close, Being Streamed Over 15 Billion Times 2018-09-03
iQIYI Licenses Premium Content to Air New Zealand in Strategic Partnership 2018-09-03
iQIYI Announces Partnership with Ctrip to Bring Exclusive Travel Benefits to Premium Members 2018-08-26
All Dots Connected: iQIYI's QiBubble App Awarded Red Dot Award for High Quality Design 2018-08-22
iQIYI Announces Development of Renowned Naval Warfare Novel "Beyond the Ocean" into CGI Animated Series 2018-08-16
iQIYI Expands Global Footprint with Extensive International Distribution of Historical Costume Drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" 2018-08-10
iQIYI Signs New Expanded Multi-Year Nickelodeon Content Deal for China with Viacom International Media Networks 2018-08-09
iQIYI Partners with Super Sports Media to Launch iQIYI Sports App, Creating a Powerful New Player in the Online Sports Industry in China 2018-08-06
iQIYI Leverages Advanced Streaming Technology to Broadcast "The Rap of China" Simultaneously to Malaysian and Hong Kong Audiences 2018-07-27
iQIYI Expands Domestic Distribution of Original Dramas 2018-07-19
iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Takes Younger Generation by Storm 2018-07-19
iQIYI Launches Comprehensive Upgrade of Reading App 2018-07-11
iQIYI Named to the List of China New Economy Top 20 Brands alongside Tencent and Alibaba 2018-07-09
iQIYI Listed by Forbes as One of China's Most Innovative Companies 2018-07-05
iQIYI's CTO Remarks on the Importance of AI to the Entertainment Industry at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018-07-05
iQIYI Brings Binge Watching to China, Releasing Selected TV Shows in their Entirety to VIP Members 2018-07-03
iQIYI Produced Independent Films Gain Further Critical Acclaim as "Mirrors and Feathers" and "Blue Amber" Pick Up Awards at International Film Festivals 2018-07-01
iQIYI Enters Fortune China 500 List, Marking Milestone for Innovative Online Entertainment Platform 2018-06-26
iQIYI Expands Roster of Revenue Shared Internet Drama Series to Tap Fast-Growing Market 2018-06-20
iQIYI Partners with Top International Director Chen Kaige for Original Online Series "The Eight" 2018-06-15
iQIYI Launches AI Competition to Promote Development of Video-based Biometric Identification Technology 2018-06-14
iQIYI's "Hot-Blood Dance Crew" Smashes Industry Records for Total Advertising Revenue 2018-06-13
iQIYI Launches "Change Plus" Online Wallet to Integrate Entertainment and Financial Services 2018-06-09
iQIYI's Newly Launched Smart TV App Takes Children's Content Ecosystem to Next Level 2018-06-06
iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Brings Chinese Rap to the World 2018-05-30
iQIYI Literature Signs Top Online Novelists to Lead Development of Original Content 2018-05-28
iQIYI Opens First Offline On-Demand Movie Theater 2018-05-20
iQIYI 2018 World Conference Showcases Thriving Entertainment Ecosystem 2018-05-17
iQIYI Becomes China's First Internet Video Platform to Obtain Certification from China's Top Digital Rights Organization 2018-05-10 and iQIYI Joint Membership Program Attracts a Combined One Million Users in the First Week 2018-05-09
iQIYI Expands Library of Top International Films Through Exclusive Cooperation Agreement with leading US Film Company FilmNation Entertainment 2018-05-08
iQIYI and Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership to Drive Growth of Paid Memberships 2018-04-27
iQIYI's "Hot Blood Dance Crew" Simultaneously Broadcast by Malaysia's Leading Media Astro and Gains Popularity Overseas 2018-04-26
iQIYI to Release World's First 4K VR Integrated Headset Supporting 8K Panoramic Video Playback 2018-04-19
iQIYI Joins Top International Organization AOMedia to Enhance and Promote Cutting-Edge Video Technologies 2018-04-17
iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Launches International Contestant Search 2018-04-13
iQIYI Original Content Wins Awards at New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films 2018-04-11
iQIYI's Online Project Co-produced with Sony Pictures Television to Launch Globally via Netflix 2018-01-05